Shity Parents

Ok ao my husband and I took our kidos out to eat tonight for our monthly pizza treat. While there this lil kid prolly not no more than 4 years old was climbing all over the games. Yep right on top of pinball, I told him ” be careful” and his dad says ” oh he’ll be ok if he falls he falls. WTF. Really dude so u let ur 4 year old climb on top of shit and not care? And about 5 mins later he falls off and cracks his head on the floor. His parents did NOTHING just said ” oh ur ok get up”  this little boy was screaming holding
his head! Really dude u and ur wife are pos parents and u need to learn how to take care of ur kids! Its becauze of people like u that kids die from neglect every freakin day! If u can’t take care of ur kids don’t flippin reproduce!


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